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Transforming Life in Bliss

Swami Aaron

(Dr. Aaron Thomas)

Psychotherapist | Author | Spiritual Master

Have you really been able to live your own life?

Have you really been able to live your own life?

Or, it is just impulses, thoughts, emotions, beliefs, desires, planning, behavioral patterns etc. present in your mind live your life?

Or, it is just the expectations, demands, needs and beliefs of your family, society and people around you live your life?

Have you ever been able to be just in your being free from all thoughts, emotions, desires, planning, actions etc.?

If you have never realized the pristine serenity and bliss of eternal and infinite existence, then you have not been living your life; rather your life is just a tool of impulses, thoughts, emotions, beliefs, desires, planning, behavioral patterns etc. present in your mind or of your family, society and people around you? You have not been living your life.

Not Happy with the Present Situation in Your Life?  


Share Your Problems with Us and Have Effective Solutions.

Swami Aaron on Self Pity

Self-pity is addictive. Though it gives you momentary pleasure, it separates the victim from reality. In the emotions of self-pity, a sense of false pride and an attitude of escaping the acceptance of responsibility is hidden.

Curing Major Chronic Diseases


Alternative Treatment, Psychotherapy & Spiritual Healing

cure with spiritual awakening for website
  • Reverse Diabetes

  • Heal All Heart Ailments
  • Heal Cancer, Paralysis and other chronic diseases
  • Heal All Chronic Pain
  • Sexual Wellness



 Swami Aaron’s powerful modality of treatment for curing chronic diseases from root

We provide treatment through our session of Alternative Treatment, Psychotherapy and Spiritual Healing for following diseases and problems:

  1. Mind related issues like Addiction, Anxiety, Depression, Suicidal Tendency, Emotional Trauma, Fear & Phobia, Restlessness, OCD, ADHD, Personality Disorder, Anti-social Personality Disorder (ASPD), Melancholia, Munchausen’s syndrome, Paranoia, Persecution Complex, Postnatal Depression, Psychosis, Split Personality, Hypochondria, Mania, Frequent Mood Swings, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) etc.
  1. Neurological disorders like Bipolar Disorder, Alzheimer’s Diseases, Schizophrenia, Epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, Neuralgia, Tourette’s Syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis, Auto-Immune Disorder, Cerebral Palsy, Automatism, Nervous Breakdown etc.

Read more………………...

Swami Aaron on Ignorance

Low Consciousness is the cause of all problems in Life and Higher Consciousness is the solution of all problems of life.

Transforming Mind in Bliss

Transform mind in bliss

We Heal All Mind Related Issues

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Restlessness
  • Insomnia
  • Emotional Trauma
  • Suicidal Tendency
  • Painful Memories
  • Fear & Phobia
  • Socialization Fear
  • Continuous Negative & Useless Thoughts
  • Guilt Feelings
  • Poor Concentration of Mind
  • Poor Memory Power
  • Poor Mind Control
  • Mental Confusion
  • Poor Decision Making Ability
  • Loss of Interest in Work
  • Low Esteem & Loss of Confidence

Ultra Healing for Neurological Disorders

  • OCD
  • ADHD
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Schizophrenia
  • Epilepsy
  • Alzheimer’s Diseases
  • Parkinson’s disease

Developing Blissful Mind

  • Developing Mindfulness & Higher Consciousness
  • Exploring Higher Truth of Existence & Life
  • Realizing Peace & Dancing Silence of Serene Mind
  • Realizing Joy & Esoteric Bliss
  • Developing Better Mind Control
  • Happy, Healthy & Successful Life
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Swami Aaron on Love,Devotion and God

When Infinity is inherent in your Consciousness, you become God. Your Consciousness gets merged with Infinity. God is pure consciousness inherent with Infinity, Eternity and Ultimate Bliss.

Bhakti (Devotion) means Oneness. Bhakti means let-go.
Love means expansion of Consciousness and transcendence from conditionality.

End of All Pain, Misery & Sufferings of Life!

Realization of Pure Consciousness,

the Ultimate Esoteric Intelligence & Wisdom,

the Infinite, Eternal Cosmic Life inherent with Ultimate Bliss!


a Course in

Scientific Spirituality

The Science of Consciousness & Bliss

No Belief System | Direct Realization of Absolute Truth

Explore, experience and enjoy the Essence of Life!


 Helpful in curing following diseases and problems:

 Addiction, Anxiety & Depression, Suicidal Tendency, Fear & Phobia, Dyslexia, Alzheimer’s Diseases, Schizophrenia, Epilepsy, Parkinson’s Disease, OCD, ADHD, Tourette Syndrome, Bipolar Disorder, Multiple Sclerosis, Auto-Immune Disorder, Cerebral Palsy etc., Cancer, Paralysis, Diabetes, BP, Thyroid, Heart Blockage, Liver & Kidney Diseases, I.B.S, PCOD, Insomnia, Migraine, Asthma, Muscular Dystrophy, Hormonal Imbalances, Conception Failure, Obesity, Personality Disorder, Low Esteem, Sexual Dysfunction, Painful Relationship etc  .

Read more………………..

Science of Enlightenment


                                                                                                      BENEFITS OF THE PROGRAM

  • Succinct Knowledge of Whole Spiritual Science the Humanity has explored so far
  • Freedom from Fear of Death, Insecurity and Other Mundane Problems of Life
  • Realization of Pristine Pure Consciousness and Wisdom
  • Realization of Eternity, Infinity and Ultimate Bliss & Freedom


 Level 1 


  •  Conventional Reality v/s Absolute Reality
  • Cosmic Consciousness: the Ultimate Reality of Existence.

Read more…………….

Swami Aaron on Consciousness

If the area of your consciousness is vast, then joy, bliss and freedom will be inherent reality of your perception and realization. Expansion of Consciousness leads us to Joy, Bliss, Infinity and Eternity.

If consciousness is confined to a very small or miniscule area, then your perception is prone to ignorance, delirium, bondage, attachment, fear, greed, hatred, anger etc. In low consciousness a person is just a biological machine, more non-living than living; life (biological processes) and the surrounding i.e. the world live that person, rather than the person living life. Shrinking of Consciousness pushes us towards death, non-existence and extinction.

Misery and sufferings happen when consciousness is confined to an area smaller than a threshold limit. And when the area of consciousness transcends this threshold limit, then joy, exuberance and bliss happen.

Swami Aaron on Love,Devotion and God

When Infinity is inherent in your Consciousness, you become God. Your Consciousness gets merged with Infinity. God is pure consciousness inherent with Infinity, Eternity and Ultimate Bliss.

Bhakti (Devotion) means Oneness. Bhakti means let-go.
Love means expansion of Consciousness and transcendence from conditionality.

Freedom from All Addictions

5 Freedom from All Types of Addictions

Total freedom from following addictions

  • Drugs
  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco
  • Medicines
  • Internet & Social Media

Bringing back to

normal life,

study, work,


relationship and

good behaviour

Rejuvenation of

Physical &

Mental Health,


Joyful Spirit,

Peace and Bliss

Total Freedom from All Types of Addictions

No Medicine & No need of Admission in a Rehabilitation Center!

 Through our powerful Psychotherapy and Consciousness Enhancement Spiritual Techniques, we make people totally free from any type of addiction.

Our program is a fine blend of Modern Psychology and Scientific Spirituality focused on Higher Consciousness and Pranic Energy Rejuvenation.

We make people quit following addictions successfully within four to six months without prohibiting or restraining them for anything:

  • Alcohol
  • Drugs
  • Smoke
  • Social Media

Read more………….


Swami Aaron on Living Life

There are two kinds of people: First the people whose whole existence is involved in as how to remain alive and second category is of those people whose existence and consciousness is involved in living life.

As much you endeavor for just remaining alive, you will keep drifting towards death.

Blissful Marital Life Forever

Nature Couple Beach Landscape Love Romantic Wallpaper Desktop Summer
  • Removing all obstacles in finding a compatible match and finalization of marriage
  • Finding Compatible Match
  • Pre-marital Training for Blissful Marital Life Forever!
  • Marital Compatibility Assessment & Recommendation if a match already found
  • Psychological Counselling Support Post Marriage
  • Transform Painful Relationship in Joy & Harmony
  • Get Lost Relationship Back in Your Life
  • We make you free from all emotional pain & trauma due to breaking of relationship
  • Create zing in monotonous relationship and re-kindle the flame of love again
  • Create Esoteric Excellence & Spiritual Bonding in your Marital Relationship

Blissful Marital Life Forever

                OUR SUPPORT & SERVICES BEFORE MARRIAGE                   

  1. In some persons the biological energy and consciousness energy is disturbed and that’s why there are problems in finding suitable match, successful marital negotiation and finalization of marriage. Through our Training in Higher Consciousness and Spiritual Healing we transform the biological energy and consciousness energy of the person in harmony and thus remove all obstacles in marriage.
  1. We train all marriage aspirants in Relationship Psychology and Scientific Spirituality so that their consciousness and mindfulness level should be very high and they should be bonded with each other at soul level to become One.Our spiritual training has nothing to do with any religion as we don’t preach any religion. We simply teach the Science of Consciousness and Bliss.   Read more…………………..                                

Swami Aaron on Relationship

If you want someone in your life because you have some void or vacuum or some deprivation and you want to fill up this void, vacuum or deprivation, then you are not in love with the person rather you are loving just yourself. In fact you want to serve your own purpose as you yourself are in the center of this whole interaction or so called relationship. You simply want to use the person consciously or unconsciously.

Relationship based on just seeking and serving own materialistic interest is bound to result in conflicts and finally wither away.

Esoteric Sexual Bliss


Esoteric Sexual Bliss




  1. Cures all sexual problems like Erectile Dysfunction, Pre-mature Ejaculations, Nocturnal Emission (Night-fall), lack of orgasm etc.
  2. Enables a couple for prolonged blissful sex
  3. Makes a person free from Sexual Perversion like Sex Mania, Continuous Impulsive Thoughts about Sex, Weird Sexuality etc.


Transform Your Personality as You Desire

14 Transform your personality

Transform Your Personality as You Desire

When we say “I” or “We”, it means an aggregates of physical body, Energy Body and Mind consisting of consciousness, feelings, conscious and unconscious thoughts, beliefs, memories, mental factors like greed, anger, love, passion, desires, fear, hatred etc. and all these aggregates are changeable and keep changing every moment.

So, we can change our personality in our desired form if we are deeply aware of our actual constituents and if we endeavor to put our efforts consciously and passionately. Read more…….


Swami Aaron on Love

If your interaction with opposite gender expands your consciousness, then it is pure love. And if it shrinks your consciousness, then it is just lust. In love one exists for others while in lust one consciously or unconsciously intends to use, consume and exhaust existence of others.

When you are in ecstasy, overflowing with Joy and then you need a person to share your exuberance with the person, then you are in love with this person.

In the process of actual love, the lover and the beloved get merged in and with each other. Two becomes One. This Oneness is Godly. Two is gross and worldly.

Worried about your child?


Worried about child



 We Make Children Free From:

  • Lack of Interest in Study, Procrastination, Lethargies etc
  • Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Emotional Pain etc
  • Addiction (Alcohol, Smoke, Drugs & Social Media)
  • Aggression, Frustration, Fear, Disrespect to Elders etc
  • Low confidence, Lack of Motivation & Focus, Poor Memory etc.Read more……………

Swami Aaron on Mental Conditioning

Mental conditioning by society robs a child of pristine innocence

Karmic Cleansing for Changing Destiny

Karmic Cleansing

Karmic Cleansing for Changing Destiny

Benefits of the Training & Healing Program 

  1. Freedom from misery and sufferings of our present and past life
  2. Freedom from past painful memories
  3. Dissolves sin due to past negative actions of life
  4. Freedom from Frequent failures, scarcity, poverty etc.
  5. Helpful in fast healing of so many chronic diseases
  6. Helpful in rejuvenation of physical and mental health.  Read more………….

Swami Aaron on Reciprocation

If you are not ready pay the price of something that you wish to have, it means two things- You don’t value that thing and second you don’t deserve it.

When you habitually avail something free of cost, you create blockage in the process of generating prosperity for yourself.

Community Living for Creative Intellectuals

Community living final

Let Life be a glorious saga of romance, love, esoteric knowledge & realization and Ultimate Bliss!

Community Living for Creative Intellectuals

While living in the family, an intellectual has to make so many compromises because there is hardly any person in the family who understands an intellectual properly. So, Ultimate Bliss Residential Commune is going to be a very strong life-long platform for creative fundamental intellectuals who wish to live their life either alone or separately from their family in a very rich intellectual, creative, spiritual and caring environment, so that they can enjoy their own strong individual space as well as a very rich empowering collective life care system.

Salient Features:

  • All members of the commune can participate in all activities and programmes of Ultimate Bliss Foundation to explore creative, intellectual and spiritual realms of life and celebrate the life to the hilt.
  • We provide all facilities like food, accommodation etc. and medical and life care services required for living a very rich and comfortable life to our members for their whole life. Read more……..

Swami Aaron on Truth

Truth Exists in totality, not in fraction. So, individuality is a lower truth. Collective Existence can lead to total truth.

Prosperity through Higher Consciousness


Prosperity through Higher Consciousness

In whatever field of life our consciousness is strong, we excel in that field. Through our Consciousness Engineering we can manifest our desire and plans in reality.

There are some trainings programs like “Law of Attractions”, “Auto-suggestions” etc. through which trainers and followers try to create prosperity, but most of these programs lack proper vision and knowledge, that why they fail miserably.

Unless and until one understands the Esoteric Science of Consciousness, one can not create the desired results.

We can help you in transforming your life through our training program called “Prosperity through Higher Consciousness”.

Read more………….

Swami Aaron on Decision Making

For making best decision in life, the perfect balance between emotions and rational thinking is must.

If your decision making is based on fear or greed or hate or any negative mental factor, then that decision is bound to bring misery and sufferings in life.

If your decision making process is based on exploring novelty, curiosity, courage, insight, then that decisions bring joy and freedom in your life.

Swami Aaron’s Books

  • Cosmic Psychology: Science of Consciousness & Bliss
  •  Spiritual Soteriology: Swami Aaron’s Sutra of Absolute Truth
  • Dancing on the Last Threshold of the Universe
  •  Realizing Infinite Eternal Life & Ultimate Bliss
  • Transforming Mind in Bliss
  •  Journey of Speaking Silence
  • On the Wings of Self
  • Beyond the Beyond
  • In Love with All Beautiful Women
  • Ultimate Ecstasy

Swami Aaron’s Paintings

Straight Spiritual Talk by Swami Aaron

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Swami Aaron on Doing Wrong

If a person does something wrong with others, then when time comes he or she can do the same thing with his or her own people.

Global Career in Scientific Spirituality & Spiritual Healing  

Global career final

Glorious Global Career Opportunity

in Scientific Spirituality, Life Coaching, Corporate Training,
Alternative Treatment, & Holistic Healing

Career in Spirituality today offers not only money and fame but also a deep sense of satisfaction of being able to bring positive transformation, joy, happiness and bliss in lives of others. In order to enable you perform this grand noble role, we offer training in Scientific Spirituality and Spiritual Healing. These programs have been developed by Swami Aaron after a very long comprehensive fundamental research in different aspects of life and spirituality.


Conscious Citizen Forum

10 Conscious Citizen Forum

Conscious Citizens Forum

Conscious Citizens Form is a platform through which conscious citizens can raise their voice against injustice happening anywhere in our society.

 When we remain indifferent and mute spectators, crafty and corrupt get opportunity to rule over us. If you ignore or tolerate injustice, then it means you support and promote injustice.

So, let us join hands together to speak against injustice and corrupt practices and to support those brave hearts who dare speak against injustice, corruption, hatred, violence etc. through our movement “WE WILL NO MORE REMAIN A MUTE SPECTATOR”. Read more…….

Swami Aaron on Ordinary, Extra-ordinary and Supreme Mind

The mind which is engaged with thoughts related to materiality and negative emotions only like anger, jealousy, greed, fear, doubt, lust etc. most of the time, is the ordinary and gross mind.

The mind which is engaged with creativity, intellectual pursuit, exploration beyond materiality, philanthropy, spirituality, meta-physics, compassion, love etc. is extra-ordinary mind.

The mind which is aware of self is the Supreme Mind.

Life Celebration Party

Eskişehir'de düzenlenen Hz. Mevlana'yı Anma ve Vuslat Yıl Dönümü Programı,

Life Celebration Party

In India particularly, celebration is an occasional event as we celebrate once or twice in a year. That is a wrong way of living life. Celebration should be the day to day part of life.

Life if lived with higher vision and mindful and higher consciousness, then it is a non-ending beautiful celebration. Higher Consciousness fills up our lives with divine fragrance and total self-awareness enables us evolve to our infinite eternal self, making us realize the eternal cosmic celebration.

Through our various life celebration events, we try to create a new pristine awareness about our ultimate self which is Infinite, Eternal and ultimate Bliss.   Read More…….

Swami Aaron on Silence

God’s abode is silence. Where mental, verbal or physical noise is there, there can be any God there.

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