Community Living for Intellectuals

Community Living for Intellectuals



While living in the family, an intellectual has to make so many compromises because there is hardly any person in the family who understands an intellectual properly. So, Ultimate Bliss Residential Commune is going to be a very strong life-long platform for creative fundamental intellectuals who wish to live their life either alone or separately from their family in a very rich intellectual, creative, spiritual and caring environment, so that they can enjoy their own strong individual space as well as a very rich empowering collective life care system.


Salient Features


  • All members of the commune can participate in all activities and programmes of Ultimate Bliss Foundation to explore creative, intellectual and spiritual realms of life and celebrate the life to the hilt.
  • We provide all facilities like accommodation, food, housekeeping services, medical and all life care services required for living a very rich and comfortable life to our members for their whole life.
  • We provide all promotion and marketing services to our members for the sale of their creative works and services for their financial freedom.

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