Expanding in Love till Infinite

Expanding in Love till Infinite

Love is the most beautiful emotion of this existence. But only a few legends have been able to get into the innermost core of this most wonderful phenomenon. Most of people remain at the periphery of this emotion; but then also they are so enchanted with this magic that they crave for being in love for more and more. When we are at the deepest core of love, we get liberated and expand into Infinite. We get into the ambrosia of Eternity. So, you are welcome to this most wonderful and magnificent odyssey to Infinity and Eternity.

We conduct residential retreats on this theme in different exotic location in India as well as across the Globe for those people who want to explore and experience the deeper magic of love

These residential retreats are conducted by Swami Aaron (Dr. Aaron Thomas) and his team.

If you are looking for such retreats for yourself or for someone else, then please fill up the following form:

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