Expanding in Love till Infinite

Expanding in Love till Infinite

Love is the most beautiful emotion of this existence. But, only a few legends have been able to get into the innermost core of this most wonderful phenomenon. Most of people remain at the periphery of this emotion; but then also they are so enchanted with this magic that they crave for being in love for more and more. When we are at the deepest core of love, we get liberated and expand into Infinite. We get into the ambrosia of Eternity. So, you are welcome to this most wonderful and magnificent odyssey to Infinity and Eternity.


Content of the program


  1. Ultimate Reality of the Existence & Life
  2. Personality analysis of you and that of your spouse
  3. Realms of Existence: Yours and that of your spouse
  4. Where do you and your spouse exist in Consciousness Hierarchy?
  5. To what extent you were and are married?
  6. Unknown dimensions of mind and sexuality
  7. Rejuvenation of vigor and vitality
  8. Exploring new vistas of conjugal partnership
  9. Exploring Unknown Dimensions of Sexual Bliss through Tantra
  10. Foundation of Total Marriage
  11. Exploring the Esoteric Dimensions of Marital Ecstasy and Bliss through Five Esoteric Stages of Love
  12. Developing Sublime Consciousness
  13. Evolving beyond the mundane consciousness and venturing in Infinity
  14. Getting Merged in One Pristine Eternal Consciousness
  15. Celebration of Infinite, Eternal bonding of Oneness


We conduct this program in following formats


  1. Regular Classroom Courses
  2. Online Courses
  3. Workshops
  4. Residential Retreats
  5. Individual Sessions

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