Swami Aaron is an Author, Artist, Psychotherapist, Secular and New Age Spiritual Guide who belongs to no worldly religion. He has done extensive research on Consciousness for more than thirty years and has authored more than fifteen books on different aspects of Scientific Spirituality. He conducts Corporate and other Workshops on different Wellness subjects.

He studied almost all-important spiritual literature of all religions. The real journey started, when he started doing meditation. Meditation helped him to transcend the domain of mundane mind and step into the realm of super-consciousness. The realization of super-consciousness made him have the crystal-clear realization of the Ultimate Absolute Truth.

Now, he does not belong to or practice any religion; but the core of his being is pure spirituality. He does not accept any sort of confinement whether it is religion, region, sect, community, caste, creed etc. He says – The Absolute Truth is always objective and universal; it cannot be realized through any faith or blind belief; rather Absolute Truth can be realized through the path of search, scientific and logical approach only. Now he conducts spiritual and literary workshops; gives training to people about as how to realize the Super consciousness.


  • Cosmic Psychology: Science of Consciousness & Bliss
  • Transform Mind in Bliss
  • Neuro-Consciousness Therapy to Cure Chronic Diseases
  • Science of Transforming Painful Relations in Bliss
  • Ultimate Life
  • Beyond the Beyond
  • Quantum Jump into God
  • Lunatic Monologue: Swami Aaron’s Sutra of Absolute Truth
  • Science of Kundalini
  • Science of Pranayama
  • Science of Holistic Healing
  • Science of Hypnosis
  • Science of Worldly Success & Prosperity
  • Dancing on the Last Threshold of the Universe
  • Journey of Speaking Silence
  • Ultimate Ecstasy
  • In Love with All Beautiful Women
  • In Love with Linda


Swami Aaron has created near-about 100 paintings in oil and acrylic on canvas. You can have view of some of his paintings on his website www.UltimateBliss.in in Swami Aaron’s Paintings page.