Freedom from Acute Depression

Freedom from Acute Clinical Depression

We conduct residential retreats in different exotic location in India as well as across the Globe for those people who are afflicted with anxiety or acute clinical depression.

This kind of residential retreats are conducted by a panel of experts like psychiatrists, psychologists, dieticians, spiritual healers and other alternative treatment professionals under the leadership and guidance of Swami Aaron (Dr. Aaron Thomas).

Our program is a fine blend of Modern Psychology and Scientific Spirituality focused on Higher Consciousness and Pranic Energy Rejuvenation. Through our powerful Alternative Treatments, Psychotherapy and Consciousness Enhancement Spiritual Techniques, we make people totally free from any type of anxiety and depression. They experience spiritual joy, happiness, bliss and freedom. Their health gets rejuvenated. They develop positive attitude towards life.

If you are looking for such retreats for yourself or for someone else, then please fill up the following form:


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