Glorious Global Career in Spirituality & Life Coaching

Career in Spirituality today offers not only money and fame but also a deep sense of satisfaction of being able to bring positive transformation, joy, happiness and bliss in lives of others. In order to enable you perform this grand noble role, we offer training in Scientific Spirituality and Spiritual Healing. These programs have been developed by Swami Aaron after a very long comprehensive fundamental research in different aspects of life and spirituality.


Important features of Our Training Program


  1. After the completion of the course successfully, you can practice as a Spiritual Healer independently. We will provide to you with business leads of patients who are looking for Spiritual Healing Sessions in your areas.
  2. You can work with us as a member of our panel of Spiritual healers.
  3. We will provide you with opportunities to work with us to conduct Workshops, Residential Retreats and various Training Programs.
  4. You can conduct Workshops, Residential Retreats, and Training Programs etc. independently.
  5. You can run online classes independently.


We conduct this program in following formats


  1. Regular Classroom Courses
  2. Online Courses
  3. Workshops
  4. Residential Retreats
  5. Individual Sessions

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