I am not ashamed of myself

I have been dumped
by my own people,
by my own kids,
by my own wife,
inflicting emotional trauma,
infinite agony,
ruthless torture,
creating a total havoc in my life.

All these things happened
because I did not have money;
I don’t have money.

It’s not so
that I am lazy
and shirk doing works.

It’s just because
I can’t cheat people;
I can’t loot them;
I can’t exploit them;
I can’t take bribe;
I can’t resort to illegal means.

Hence, I am poor
and I am not ashamed of it.

I have enough courage to live with myself.

But, what about my children?

I miss them;
I miss their smile;
I miss their innocence.

O God, all these pain is yours, not mine.

Tears in my eyes
wash dust and debris thrown by ignorant.
My soul has emerged
pristine, pure and dazzling.

Lord Buddha, now, smiles in me;
I am in my eternal blissful self.

Thank You,
Swami Aaron
(Dr. Aaron Thomas)
Psychotherapist | Author | Spiritual Master



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