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Explore Life

beyond death,

a Life

free from all misery and sufferings,

a Life

marked with Eternity, Infinity & ultimate Bliss.

Explore Life

beyond death,

a Life

free from all misery and sufferings,

a Life

marked with Eternity, Infinity & ultimate Bliss.

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Founder : Swami Aaron

Swami Aaron

(Dr. Aaron Thomas)

Psychotherapist | Author | Spiritual Master

Swami Aaron's Musings

Swami Aaron’s Sutra 1

Knowing the knower, experiencing the experiencer is meditation. Knowing the known, experiencing the experienced is worldly journey.

Swami Aaron’s Sutra 2

Be conscious of being conscious of something. When your first realm of consciousness evolves and expands, it becomes conscious of second realm of consciousness devoid of its object. This way consciousness mirrors consciousness and as it happens, infinite is reflected. Consciousness shifts from localization to non-localization pervading the entire existence.

Swami Aaron’s Sutra 3

When Pure consciousness vibrates into form, External world develops.

Swami Aaron’s Sutra 4

When you are not blissful, then what is the meaning of your wealth, fame, power, family, society etc.? You are simply running after trivial. Discover and realize your Higher Self.

Swami Aaron’s Sutra 5

Borrowed truth is no truth for you. Only realized truth is the true truth for you. Borrowed but unrealized truth is equivalent to falsehood.

Swami Aaron’s Sutra 6

Clarity of understanding comes in difficult time, not when you are not facing any problem. Challenges enable you to go into the profundity of existential mystery. So, don’t escape challenges; rather encounter them with courage.

Swami Aaron’s Sutra 7

Ability to form a rhythmic pattern in consciousness is called creativity.

Swami Aaron’s Sutra 8

Reason of pain is looking at reality of universe in part. When wholesome is visible, no pain exists there. Wholesome vision of the whole existence is pure consciousness inherent with the reality of ultimate eternal bliss. Enlightenment is the state of wholeness, of being One.

Swami Aaron’s Sutra 9

There is nothing like past or future. Past, present and future all exist together in the domain of ‘Present’ as a part of totality of truth. We are not able to experience this totality because of our lower degree of consciousness. As you ascend the peak of consciousness, you will feel that only ‘Present’ exists. So ‘Present’ is the only reality. If you study the theory of relativity, you will come across the same conclusion.

Swami Aaron’s Sutra 10

Materiality Is localization in space-time continuum, while consciousness / godliness is expansion beyond the space-time continuum, pervading the entire cosmos. Love is a godly process which expands you from your physical self to your actual self which is infinite, accommodating the entire existence within self. This is the state when you yourself become God. This is the final destination of mankind, evolving to the state of God.

Swami Aaron’s Sutra 11

There is a vast realm of intelligence beyond thought. It is there in the state of Being. Great things like beauty, love, creativity, joy, inner peace etc arise from beyond mind. Greatest obstacle to experience the state of being is identification with mind. Thinking separates you from being. In the state of Being, there is no thought, no activity. There is only perfect silence, total awareness, wholesome and complete rest.

Swami Aaron’s Sutra 12

Mind habitually denies or resists Now, because it can not function and remain in control without time which is past or future. Now is always timeless.

Swami Aaron’s Sutra 13

Ultimate purpose of world lies not in the world, but in transcendence from the world. It is through the world and you, the Un-manifested knows itself. You are here to enable the divine purpose of Universe to unfold.

Swami Aaron’s Sutra 14

You realize God the moment you realize that you don’t need to seek God.

Swami Aaron’s Sutra 15

All experiences happen distinctively in the continuous and infinite consciousness. Shift your attention from experience to the experiencer, you will discover your real self free from all agonies, problems and tensions. Getting attached to the experience is the cause of all agonies and misery.

Swami Aaron’s Sutra 16

Between the banks of pleasure and pain, the river of life flows. Don’t get stuck to the banks, rather flow with the river.

Swami Aaron’s Sutra 17

Suffering is optional. Ultimate Bliss and Freedom may be your reality if you chose it.

Swami Aaron’s Sutra 18

When past and future are seen in timeless now, the idea of cause and effect loses its validity and creative freedom takes place.

Swami Aaron’s Sutra 19

Did you exist 1000 years back? You may answer – I don’t know, or No, or Yes. It means the one who answered this must exist 1000 years back, otherwise how could you answer so?

Swami Aaron’s Sutra 20

There is no creator with a vast intelligence outside the creation. All this play of the universe is going on spontaneously in an automated mode.

Swami Aaron’s Sutra 21

When consciousness is fully focused on itself, it is in totality. The whole manifested and un-manifested universe is within it. This totality is oneness. This One is God, the infinite in which all finites are included. There is nothing beyond or outside of this One. It includes all beyond and within.

Swami Aaron’s Sutra 22

When I get established in Pure consciousness, I myself am total universe. There is nothing beyond my domain. There is nothing left outside of me. So, now, there is no desire left in me, because, there is nothing left outside of me to be desired.

Swami Aaron’s Sutra 23

Visualize your mind attached with your breath. Now as you breathe in or out, your mind too moves along with your breath.

Swami Aaron’s Sutra 24

When we are within mundane mind, we see everything through the filter of memory, judgment, biases, likings, disliking etc; everything is actually second hand and stale.

Swami Aaron’s Sutra 25

When you are conscious, you live your life. When you are unconscious, your life lives you. The level of consciousness determines whether you are just a biological system or a living sentient being.

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