Karmic Cleansing for Changing Destiny

Benefits of this Online Program

  • Freedom from misery and sufferings of our present and past life
  • Freedom from past painful memories
  • Dissolves sin due to past negative actions of life
  • Freedom from Frequent failures, scarcity, poverty etc.
  • Helpful in fast healing of so many chronic diseases
  • Helpful in rejuvenation of physical and mental health
  • Helpful in improving relationships
  • Helpful in creating abundance, prosperity and peace
  • Develops Mindfulness and Self Awareness
  • Spiritual Growth

Benefits of this Online Program

Whatever action we do or whatever deeper thoughts and emotions arise in our mind, they create a deeper pattern and get engrained in our mind deeply in form of mental factors and memories. At Brain level, they form certain neural circuits. These mental factors and memories are our karma or karmic impressions. The sum total of all karmic impressions constitute our karmic account.

When we come across situations related our karma, related neural circuits and mental factors become active and affect and determine our behavior and responses to the situations when we operate in low consciousness, without mindfulness and awareness.

So, this deterministic pattern of behavior and responses to different situations in our life constitute our destiny which enslaves a person into a fixed pattern of behavior, actions and results till these karma are active and strong.

Destiny is not a book written by someone sitting in the sky. Destiny does not mean that we are totally enslaved by our karma and we can’t change our life as wish.

No, we can change our life as we wish by dissolving our karmic patterns through different techniques of Higher Consciousness and developing our new karma through our proper knowledge and sustained endeavor.

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