Life Celebration Party

In India particularly, celebration is an occasional event as we celebrate once or twice in a year. That is a wrong way of living life. Celebration should be the day to day part of life.

Life if lived with higher vision and mindful and higher consciousness, then it is a non-ending beautiful celebration. Higher Consciousness fills up our lives with divine fragrance and total self-awareness enables us evolve to our infinite eternal self, making us realize the eternal cosmic celebration.

Through our various life celebration events, we try to create a new pristine awareness about our ultimate self which is Infinite, Eternal and ultimate Bliss.

Scientific Spirituality, meditation, esoteric music, dance, movies, poetry, philosophical discussion, intellectual interaction with likeminded people, cultural events and exchange, travel, revelry, fine cuisine, health rejuvenation practices etc. are the components of our Life Celebration Party.

If you interested in joining such events, please, get yourself registered though following form. We will keep you updated.

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