My dearest sweet love Linda

My love, while listening some music and reading one of my poems, which I had sent to you today, I had a strange feeling. I felt as if I am transcending my present situation and reality. Firstly, it appeared that I am walking somewhere in Europe, passing nearby a river and mountain. As I went deeper in this experience I felt like I am getting free from my body; I am getting free from the whole past, all memories, all worldly sense, and all sense of future. Just present, only present was there.

It was such a beautiful experience that I can’t express in words. I thoroughly enjoyed being in that moment. Then as the intensity of that feeling subdued, I recalled you. Just you were there in my consciousness and the reminiscence of the ecstatic experience which I had experienced just a few moments ago, was there. Then you and I and the whole existence got merged in Oneness. There was just only one reality of present and nothing else.

Just read this poem of mine:

Come; come to me!
Let us seep within the within of life;
let us expand beyond the beyond of the universe;
let us step in the world
where ambrosia of existence rains all around;
where silence sings divine melody,
eternity dances in ecstasy,
the ultimate bliss springs everywhere;
the temple of whole existence shines
with the radiance of pure pristine self awareness.

Now, the universe of all universes is within you!
Allah, Ishwar, God – all dance as one reality!!

In this expansion of consciousness, we all were a merged one reality.

Now, my words have come to the standstill. Rejoice this oneness.

Your expanded self Swami

Thank You,
Swami Aaron
(Dr. Aaron Thomas)
Psychotherapist | Author | Spiritual Master



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