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Swami Aaron

(Dr. Aaron Thomas)

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No-one can hurt you mentally or emotionally anymore

When we are in the state of low consciousness or ignorance, then we are quite prone to getting emotionally and mentally hurt if anyone says something unpleasant to us or behave unruly with us.


In fact, all problems, misery and sufferings in our life is just because of our low state of Consciousness or ignorance. We are not aware of certain liberating and salvaging  facts about ourselves and that’s why we get immediately affected very negatively and feel mentally and emotionally hurt and tortured due to others negative comment on us or others negative unruly behavior with us.


As we learn these liberating and salvaging facts about ourselves, it brings a paradigm shift in our Consciousness and we immediately get free from all emotional and mental pain and after that we become so empowered that nobody can hurt us emotionally or mentally.


You can learn these facts in just one hour and have this most precious empowerment of getting resistant from all emotional and mental hurt.


If you want to learn this precious esoteric secrets, then please, fill up the following form and get yourself registered.

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