Pre-marital Training for Blissful Marital Life Forever

Name of Course


Pre-marital Training for Blissful Marital Life Forever






Course Facilitator


Swami Aaron (Dr. Aaron Thomas)


Course Fee / Cost


INR 20,000 or US $ 250


Course Format


PDF Files and Video Lectures




One Year




Most of people when they look for match for their children, they look at only five aspects i.e. Physical Look, Educational, Financial Background, Family Background and Behavior & Character, though they don’t have any professional approach to judge their behavior and character.

There are already so many couples who are excellent in all these levels but then also they got divorced because of incompatibility between them. Compatibility at all six levels of life i.e. Physical or Material Level, Mundane Thought Level, Emotion Level, Intellect Level, Creativity Level and Spiritual Level is must for totally blissful conjugal life forever.

That’s why this program aims at training all marriage aspirants in Relationship Psychology and Scientific Spirituality so that their consciousness and mindfulness level should be very high and they should be bonded with each other at soul level to become One.

Our spiritual training has nothing to do with any religion as we don’t preach any religion. We simply teach the Science of Consciousness, Relationship and Bliss.


Benefits of this Program


  • You will have deeper insight into your own life and the existence.
  • You will be able to explore different realms of your personality and life.
  • You will learn the unknown dimensions of conjugal relationship.
  • You will learn as how to ensure 100% compatibility with your future life partner.
  • You will learn as how to lay foundation of the ultimate infinite eternal love with your life partner.
  • You will learn as how to develop and live your ultimate life through conjugal relationship.
  • You will learn as how to manage Kitchen Politics in the family. This is very important particularly in Indian Context.
  • How to make your married life totally foolproof from all mundane problems of life.
  • and many more things


Contents / Syllabus


  1. Know your ultimate reality first
  2. Looking for Partial & Temporary Marriage or Total and Eternal Marriage?
  3. Where do you exist in Consciousness Hierarchy?
  4. Personality analysis of you and your would be life partner
  5. Most Suitable Conjugal Life Model for You
  6. Pre-requisites of a Blissful Marital Life Forever
  7. Recognition of true love                          
  8. Different Stages of Love
  9. Soteriology of relationship
  10. Ignorant assumption, beliefs and expectations
  11. List of things you must do to keep your relationship healthy
  12. Analysis of your present life situations
  13. Your life before and after marriage
  14. Your Parameters for the Selection of Your Ideal Life Partner
  15. Major causes of marital conflict
  16. Things you must know about your would-be-life partner
  17. Sensitive areas where you must be Extra-conscious
  18. How to handle kitchen politics and negative people
  19. An Important Lesson for Healthy Sex Life
  20. Swami Aaron’s weapon to destroy mental and emotional pain
  21. Swami Aaron’s Tool for Making Your Life Blissful Forever
  22. Meditations to realize Pure Bliss




Swami Aaron is a Psychology and Spirituality Wizard. He has done extensive research on Consciousness and Scientific Spirituality for more than 20 years and has authored more than 15 books on different aspects of Spirituality.

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