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Swami Aaron

(Dr. Aaron Thomas)

Psychotherapist | Author | Spiritual Master

Prolonging Life Span & Reverse Aging

When we say “I” or “We”, it means an aggregates of physical body, Energy Body and Mind consisting of consciousness, feelings, conscious and unconscious thoughts, beliefs, memories, mental factors like greed, anger, love, passion, desires, fear, hatred etc. and all these aggregates are just vibrations with certain range of amplitude, frequency and wavelength.


The mode and pattern of these vibrations keep changing with the passage of time as the driving force behind these vibrations. When pattern of these vibrations go below the threshold limit of life, death of physical body happens.


Through the proper management of this driving force behind these vibrations, the life span can be increased to a certain limit depending upon the quality and quantum of our practice through our this program.




  1. Live Online Group Sessions
  2. Live Online Individual Sessions
  3. Recorded Video Classes
  4. Non-residential Workshops in Person
  5. Residential Retreats

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