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Proposal for Schools, Colleges, Universities & Other Educational Institutions

We are a non-sectarian spiritual organization devoted to the cause of propagating the knowledge of Scientific Spirituality.

We conduct BLISS PROGRAMS FOR STUDENTS in different schools and other academic institutions to address various psychological and behavioral issues of children. This program is based on Higher Consciousness, Mindfulness, CBT and other Psychology tools.

This BLISS PROGRAM FOR STUDENTSconsists of following sub-programs:

  1. Program for Procrastination& Lethargy
  2. Program for Emotional, Aggression& Other Behavioral Issues
  3. Program for Better Concentration &Memory and developing Interest in Study
  4. Program for De-Addiction to Social Media & Internet
  5. Program for Confident Personality& Inter-personal Skill


There are two levels in each program: Level 1 and Level 2. The duration of each level is 4 hours. The participation fee of each level is Rupees One Thousand (INR 1000) per student.

If you like to organize such event in your esteemed school, then please inform us through following enquiry form:

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