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Swami Aaron

(Dr. Aaron Thomas)

Psychotherapist | Author | Spiritual Master

Proposal for Volunteer

How you can contribute to our cause by being our spiritual volunteers?

  • You can help us in organizing meditation workshops and lectures in different institutions, offices and corporate organizations and at your home too. Your efforts shall be financially rewarded to you.
  • If you have knowledge of graphic designing, web designing and development, online promotion, computer software, drafting, computer typing, teaching, script writing, film making, language translation etc., you can contribute to us by providing your free services to help us in our mission of making humanity free from grief, anxiety, sorrow, depression, suicidal tendency, emotional trauma etc.
  • If you have some free space, you can provide the free space for a few hours every day for the conduction of educational classes to under-privileged students.
  • You can organize our literary, spiritual and music sessions and other life celebration gatherings at your home, if you are interested in art, music, literature spirituality etc. You can also organize meditations sessions at your home to help people afflicted with problems of depression, tension, grief, sorrow, emotional trauma etc. in your vicinity.


If you feel interested in joining our hands for this noble cause, please contact us.

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