We have proposals for following interest groups


  • Proposal for Investors
  • Proposal for Franchise
  • Proposal for Property Owners
  • Proposal for Corporate Training Programs
  • Proposal for Corporate Brand Promotion through Spiritual & Literary Events
  • Proposal for Schools, Colleges, Universities & Other Educational Institutions
  • Proposals for Universities for launching Life Empowerment Programs
  • Proposals for Spiritual Organizations & NGOs
  • Proposals for Hotels & Restaurants
  • Proposals for Travel Agencies and Tourist Guides
  • Proposals for Old Age Homes & Other Rehabilitation Centers
  • Proposals for Hospitals, Clinics and other Health Wellness Centers
  • Proposals for Volunteers
  • Proposal for Ultimate Bliss Satsang at Your Home
  • Proposal for Mass Healing
  • Proposals for Housewives, Students, Retired Persons etc.
  • Proposal for organizing our workshops and other events
  • Proposals for Film & Theatre Professionals

Please, contact us for the details of the proposal suitable to you.




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