Transforming Lonely Life in A Grand Celebration

Transforming Lonely Life in A Grand Celebration

Collective life without the space of individual life is just the wastage of life, particularly for intelligent and creative people. The purpose of living  collective life in our family and society is make our our life comfortable and secured so that we can explore and enjoy our individual life.

But, due to unconsciousness, we are so absorved and lost in our collective life that  we have forgotten to explore and live our individual life totally. Most of people are forced live in their family and society with intense suffocation because they are either scared of loneliness or of insecurity or problems of old age. Thiis is very common particularly with creative and intellectual people.



  1. We teach how to live both the collective life as well as individual life in a very balanced and meaningful way.
  2. We teach how to live blissfully alone with your self.
  3. We help in exploring different dimensions of individual life very deeply and empowering the individual life with creative, meditative and intellectual and sublime elements of life like passion, love, compassion, wisdom, higher consciouness and pure bliss.
  4. We help in creating financial independence without getting involved and trapped physically in money generating process.
  5. We help in exploring the external world too facilitating world tour, exploring different culture, civilization, art, music, intelligent movies, literature etc.
  6. We provide a platform to enjoy intelligent rich collectivelife too without disturbing your individual space.
  7. In short, we help you in exploring Freedom and living and enjoying life thoroughly with least possible  We try to make life a grand intelligent celebration.
  8. We endeavor to provide medical and all other important life support care till the end of this life.

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