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Swami Aaron

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Ultimate Bliss Foundation

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A 21/B 5, F/F, K.No.: 854, Harswaroop Colony, FatehpurBeri Ext.,   New Delhi – 110074

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Swami Aaron (Dr. Aaron Thomas)

Contact No.: 0091 9811131102, 0091 9810 969067

Email: swami.aaron@gmail.com


Linda Thomas

Contact No.: 004530703508, 004551187578

Email: lindalianes@mail.dk

Swami Aaron’s Books
  • Journey to Infinite through Higher Consciousness
  • Transforming Mind in Bliss
  • Esoteric Sexual Bliss
  • CBT & Beyond
  • Dancing on the Last Threshold of the Universe
  • On the Wings of Self
  • Beyond the Beyond
  • Journey of Speaking Silence
  • Ultimate Ecstasy
  • In Love with All Beautiful Women
  • In Love with Linda
  • Lunatic Monologue: Swami Aaron’s Sutra of Absolute Truth
  • Science of Holistic Healing
  • Science of Transforming Painful Relations in Bliss
  • Spiritual Soteriology
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