About Us


Ultimate Bliss Foundation is a non-sectarian social and spiritual organization founded by Swami Aaron to propagate the knowledge of Scientific Spirituality. It is a platform through which:

  • One can liberate oneself from all affliction and sufferings of life
  • One can empower oneself with the ultimate knowledge of this existence
  • One can transform one’s life in an ultimate bliss and celebration


Ideals and Approach


  • We support liberalism, plurality and diversity in culture, life style, language, art, literature, philosophy, religious and spiritual practices etc. Asking the whole world to follow one religion, culture, belief and life style is a very dangerous and destructive idea.
  • We believe in assimilation, fusion and globalism of culture, language and life style.
  • We support rationalism. We oppose the blind belief in anything, blind belief in both theism and atheism. Exploration, search and research are our attitude.
  • We support both the material and spiritual development of mankind.
  • Empowerment and celebration of life is our ultimate philosophy.


Our Activities & Functions


  • Health and Wellness Services & Programmes
  • Creating Social and Spiritual Awareness though
  • Teachings, Lectures and Discourses
  • Workshops, Training and Educational Programmes
  • Publication
  • Documentary and Feature Films
  • Art, Literature, Music, Dance, Theatre and Cultural Events
  • Social Campaigns and Other Events
  • Running Empowerment Programmes for
  • Women
  • Physically Challenged People
  • Underprivileged Children
  • Youth
  • Community Service Programmes
  • Research and Documentation
  • Life Celebration Events


Our Daily Activities for Everyone


  • Share your mind, heart and soul sessions
  • Share your problems
  • Share your unique visionary ideas and thoughts
  • Share your valuable experience
  • Share your creativity
  • Intellectual debates and discussions
  • Health & Wellness Session
  • Spiritual Teaching Session
  • Life Celebration Session


Wings of Ultimate Bliss Foundation


  • Life Celebration Club
  • Ultimate Bliss Wellness Centre
  • Ultimate Bliss Academy
  • Ultimate Bliss Residential Commune for Intellectuals
  • Ultimate Bliss Centre for Empowerment
  • Ultimate Bliss Youth Forum
  • Ultimate Bliss Films Society
  • Ultimate Bliss Society for Performing Arts
  • Ultimate Bliss Publication
  • Ultimate Bliss Art Gallery
  • Ultimate Bliss eMart
  • Ultimate Bliss Township


Our Future Plans and Projects


  • Setting up a network of Vocational Training Institutes, Schools, colleges and Universities
  • Setting up a network of Hospitals providing traditional and alternative treatments
  • Setting up a network of Community Business Centers in rural and sub-urban areas
  • Ultimate Bliss Township


Our Community based Business Projects


  • Community Agriculture
  • Community Insurance

– Agricultural Crops Insurance

– Life Insurance

– Health Insurance

  • Community Food Processing
  • Community Handicrafts
  • Community Small Scale Industry