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Ultimate Bliss Monastery

Ultimate Bliss Monastery is the home for those who wish to explore the divine fragrance of solitude, who wish to explore the esoteric realm beyond all sense perceptions.

Salient Features:

  • Very quiet hygienic accommodation in a naturally beautiful serene place hygienic airconditioned and non-ac accommodation are provided for short as well as long duration.
  • We provide all facilities like hygienic accommodation, nutritious food, all housekeeping services, medical and life care services required for living a very rich and comfortable life to our members.
  • We provide Psychological Counselling for any problem, various Life Empowerment Programs, Mindfulness and Higher Consciousness Programs etc. to all desiring and needy residents.
  • In evening, so many events related to discourses, meditation, art, music, literature, dance, cinema etc. are conducted in our every center. All residents can participate in all activities and programs of Ultimate Bliss Foundation to explore creative, intellectual and spiritual realms of life and celebrate the life to the hilt.


If you are looking for such accommodation or have any further query, please fill up the following form:

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