Want to live Ultimate Glorious Life?

A life marked with good health, prosperity, soulful relationship, intellectual & creative excellence, tranquil and blissful mind?

Ultimate Life exists in totality, not when it is lopsided.  So, life has to be balanced, without having been compelled for any compromise and sacrifice or deprivation.

Ultimate Glorious Life is the life which is rich in its all six levels: (1) Physical & Material Level (2) Thought Level (3) Emotion Level (4) Intellectual Level (5) Creativity Level (6) Spiritual Level. Ultimate Glorious Life is full of Extrinsic as well as Intrinsic Richness.

Spiritual Level is not religious level. Spirituality and religions are totally different. Spirituality means the Pure Consciousness, Mindfulness and Self Awareness. Self is not confined within physical body. Self is Cosmic, Infinite and Eternal.

When Consciousness is Within the Within and Beyond the Beyond, Infinite and Eternal, the Pinnacle of Bliss, it is the Ultimate Glorious Life.

If you want to explore the higher dimensions of life and live Ultimate Glorious Life, you can have individually customized guidance from Swami Aaron (Dr. aaron Thomas).