Why do good people lag behind and remain unhappy in world

When I was in 8th standard, I had written a poem titled “O God, I hate You”. That time, since, I was a child, credulous to believe anything very easily without doubting anything; so, I was innocent in my belief in God that God is omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent but very kind and just to everybody as was taught to me. That time I had the same concept of God as God is a very powerful entity, without His mercy nothing happens.

At that point of time, I had a belief as imposed on me by my family and society that we should be a good person in order to live a happy life; happy people are sent to heaven after they die. I was told that bad people are punished by God; they go to hell where they are scalded in a cauldron full with boiling oil.

But I was a keen observer and had developed the skill of fundamental thinking in later years to come. When I started observing the reality of the society, I had discovered that most of the so called good and honest people were always under one worry or another. They were not so successful in the society as corrupt bureaucrats and politicians were.

Rather, I saw that gross, insensitive and ignorant people were happier than so called good people. I hardly found any cruel, gross, apathetic and insensitive people ever sad and upset; though, they could be angry, fierce and quarrelsome. So, does it mean that we should not be a good person? What is the reason that good people are more prone to be unhappy than the blunt people? Are gross and blunt people more privileged than good people?

Good people are generally good hearted, more sensitive and sensible. Their ability of perception is generally better than that of unconscious and blunt people. Since, they have finer sensitivity and have the ability to understand and feel the subtleties, so, when they are exposed to positive and negative things around themselves, they are affected by both things. When they come across positive things like art, literature, music, philosophy etc, since they have finer perceptibility and capability to understand the finer nuances of these things, so, they can enjoy themselves thoroughly through this aesthetics. Gross and blunt people don’t have these privileges.

Moreover, when good people are happy because of their perception of aesthetics, the quality of their happiness is totally different than that of gross and blunt people. When gross and blunt people are happy, their happiness is hormonal, hence shallow, conditional and transient. Their perceptions lack the element of consciousness. They are just biological robots and grossly programmed biological machines. They are not even worth of being called human beings. While, the happiness which more sensible persons feel, it is quite enriched and of finer quality. Their happiness is not just hormonal, rather, it is the reflection of the consciousness too; hence, more divine if consciousness is inherent in their perception and realization.

Since, good people have finer sensitivity and perceptivity, so, when they are exposed to negative things, they are easily affected by these negative things too, hence, they appear to be unhappy. Gross and blunt people don’t have finer ability of perception, so, they don’t even feel the negative things in their environment; hence, they are not affected by negativity. Their chance of getting unhappy is lesser than that of good and sensitive persons. But, it does not mean that gross and blunt people are more privileged. They are quite lagging behind on the path of evolution to higher consciousness in comparison to nice, sensitive and good human beings.  Moreover, the unhappy situations for good sensitive people may be an opportunity for them to have a quantum jump in divine bliss and super-consciousness. Because of this reason only, Gautam Siddarth could become Lord Buddha.

So, good sensitive persons, though, in this mundane world may be more prone to unhappiness than blunt people, but, if they develop the ability of self awareness which is the state of higher consciousness, they have better chances of being Buddha. If good and sensitive persons are intelligent, they could enjoy even negative situations of life. This privilege, blunt people don’t have.

Here, you must understand very clearly that just being sensitive and good at heart is not enough. You must have the power of consciousness too. Power of consciousness means the ability of being self aware; it is an inward process. While, being sensitive is the ability of being aware to the outside world. Finer sensitivity makes you able to have cognizance and perception of even subtler things of the outside world. Higher consciousness makes you to be aware of your inner world all the time.

If are just sensitive only, you will be easily affected by your outside situation or reality. Outside situations will possess you better; you will lose your actual entity; you will remain just an instrument of perception and manifestations of those outside factors onto you. Just being sensitive only and not being aware of yourself intensely will make you a loser in the mundane world; because you will just become a prisoner of the outside world. The key of your happiness will remain in the hands of other people. Your mind will be your master. And your sensitivity will be your disqualification; just a burden for you.

But, if you are empowered with the ability of higher consciousness, means the ability of being aware of yourself, your inner dynamics, then, the outside situations will not be able to affect you so much. The state of self awareness will make you dissolved in divine bliss and ultimately, be Buddha. The key of happiness will be there in your hand. Your mind will at your command. We will be the master of yourself and your mind too. And then, you will be in the position to enjoy your fine sensitivity. Fine sensitivity will be your qualification and asset.  So, my dear friend, be sensitive but, at the same time self aware too to rule the roost.

Now, let us come to the question that why good and sensitive people lag behind in the world, why they are not as successful in the mundane world as they gross and insensitive people are. This observation may be true in materialistic terms; but, success can not be defined only in terms of material possession. Actual success is whether you have been able to live life as you wished to live. Actual success in life is whether you have been able to explore the finer aesthetic realms of this existence or not. Actual success of human life is that whether you have been able to realize the Ultimate Infinite Eternal Bliss of this universe or not.

Gross people have only one business, i.e. to earn money, power and fame. That’s why, they are ahead in material possession and worldly affairs. But, in reality, they are big failures. They are just the play of hormones and mind. Outer realities define their existence. From inside, there are devoid of substance. In fact, their biological body including mind and outside situations live their life. They are just a pawn of situations.

Good and sensitive people having understanding of finer aesthetics have their own priority than to just earn money. They have to enjoy art, music, literature, philosophy spirituality etc. they are busy in living and enjoying their life, rather than trying to remain just alive like gross and sensitive people.

Whether you are successful or not, it depends on only one fact that whether you have been able to explore different finer dimensions of life or not, whether you have been able to live your life with perfect awareness or not; whether you have been able to realize the Ultimate Bliss of the Supreme Consciousness or not. Good and sensitive people have better chances to realize all these than the gross and insensitive people have. So, even if you have been lagging behind in the worldly affairs, don’t bother about it. Just see whether you have been able to pursue your inner world or not. That is the only success.

Thank You,
Swami Aaron
(Dr. Aaron Thomas)
Psychotherapist | Author | Spiritual Master





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