We conduct following workshops in online and offline mode:

  • Transforming Anxiety & Depression in Bliss
  • Freedom from All Addictions
  • Total Reversal of Diabetes Type 2 and All Allied Diseases
  • Creating Bliss & Excellence in Marital Relationship
  • Mindfulness & Higher Consciousness
  • Ontology of Self: Who am I?:The Golden Gate to Infinite & Eternal Life
  • Ontology of All Problems & Misery: Freedom from All Sufferings of Life
  • Cosmic Psychology: The Science of Enlightenment & Ultimate Bliss
  • Ultimate Soteriology: The Science of Liberation
  • Science of Spiritual Healing: Heal Your Body & Mind with Higher Consciousness
  • Science of Meditation: Living Wholesome Life
  • Transforming Mind in Bliss: A Program for Mental Wellness
  • Programming Mind for Success
  • Life Celebration Party: Dancing on the Last Threshold of the Cosmos
  • Expanding in Love till Infinite
  • Living Ultimate Life