We conduct non-residential workshops either online or physically in different cities. If you are interested in attending any workshop, please fill up the form given below, so that we can send you all relevant details and keep you updated about those workshops

  1. Ontology of All Problems & Misery: Freedom from All Sufferings of Life
  1. Healing Diseases with Higher Consciousness
  1. Ontology of Self: Who am I?: The Golden Gate to Infinite & Eternal Life
  1. Dancing on the Last Threshold of the Cosmos: A majestic journey to the Realm of Ultimate Bliss
  2. Love Meditation
  1. Expanding in Love till Infinite
  1. Science of Spiritual Healing
  1. Create Bliss & Excellence in Marital Relationship
  1. Pre-marital Training for Blissful Conjugal Life Forever
  1. Drinking Ambrosia of Eternity through Science of Lord Shiva
  1. Spiritual Soteriology
  1. Hypnosis for Worldly Success




  1. Live Online Group Sessions through Zoom or Skype or WhatsApp
  2. Physical Attendance Workshop conducted in different cities

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