Your silence screams

Your silence screams,
collides against walls
and falls down shattered,
igniting my consciousness.

My soul is naked now,
witnessing its destitution,
the cruelty of your heart
and brutality of your soul.

You had left me lonely
in this vast endless universe
to starve,
to die unheard and unnoticed.

My soul is bare now,
exposed to infinity.
Sky pours milky rays from all around;
stars twinkle and dance;
cool breeze starts a divine symphony.

Celebration of existence has started,
drenching my soul in its ambrosia
and making me celebrate my solitude.

The whole universe embraces me,
The whole existence makes me rest
in its eternal lap.

Thank You,
Swami Aaron
(Dr. Aaron Thomas)
Psychotherapist | Author | Spiritual Master



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